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To busy to exercise ?

Use FLABéLOS for results you can and feel in just 10 minutes.


FLABéLOS is one of the most popular whole body vibration worldwide. Over 2,000 health and beauty salons in the UK alone already use and recommend it. Backed by 40 years of scientific research FLABéLOS is the ultimate whole body vibration machine that gives your body the benefit of a one hour workout in just 10 minutes.


FLABéLOS vs. Power Plate - what's the difference?


A good question and one we are asked at least once a week! Power Plate is strictly vibrational technology which requires the user to undertake different poses & exercises on it. FLABéLOS is oscillational which automatically gives your body a workout without any of the strenuous activity!


We have 2 Genuine OTO FLABéLOS machines so you can workout with a friend.


flabelos machines

MegaSun Tower Sunbed

Our Fast Tan High Performance MegaSun Tower Pure Energy Sunbed has the very latest Tanning Tube technology providing an even all over golden beach tan.

Intelligent Technology controls, depending on the

room temperature, the intensity of the ventilation –

and thus the noise level.

The Automatic VolumeControl feature controls the

volume of the music depending on the output of the

body ventilation and relieves the Sunbed user of a

constant highering or lowering of the music.

The high-performance air conditioning system for all

megaSun- sunbeds guarantees a comfortable

cooling during the tanning session.


At Creations we pride ourselves on promoting safe, sensible tanning. We are careful to restrict the amount of time our clients spend on the sunbed and provide each client with a skin consultation to ensure that they develop a safe, healthy tan.


Our staff will be happy to advise you on the best treatment time and regularity of visits to help you get the desired results. Treatment time starts from 3-5 minutes for those with fair skin to 8-9 minutes for people with darker skin who tan easily.


52-body lamps that guarantees instant, flawless and even results.


Sorry no under 18s - ID required for under 21s


Megasun sunbed

Tanning Accelerators & Moisturisers

We also have a wide range of sunbed tanning accelerators to help kick start the tanning process. . Moisturising your skin is the key to building and maintaining a healthy tan. Believe it or not your skin will reflect up to 60% of UV light without the use of a tanning lotion. Therefore for the most effective tanning session, always use a pre tanning lotion. Moisturised skin tans better!


We stock full bottles, and small satchets for your conveinance.


Pro Tan

Fiesta Sun






sunbed accelerator creams and lotions


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